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For Glowing Skin

    Skin care treatment should begin at least 2 months before your wedding day. In case you wish to do any experiments, do them now.
    Make use of as many natural resources and the least of chemicals.

  • First and foremost, avoid hectic and tedious work schedules.
  • Find time for you to relax. Plan your days and schedule your tasks.
  • Drink loads and loads of water.
  • Keep your stress level minimum.
  • A face mask of egg white and honey gently removes the tan from your face.
  • Cucumber is a natural cleanser. Mix cucumber juice with milk and use it instead of a cleanser.
  • For oily skin, apply a mixture of grapes, lemon and egg white. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. While lemon acts as a natural cleanser, grapes will soften your skin and egg whites will tighten it. Don’t be alarmed if your skin tingles.
  • Mix honey, lemon and vegetable oil .This mixture is a good moisturizer for dry skin. Apply this mask for 10 minutes.
  • Apply the mixture of honey and milk on the face. This will make your skin glow.
  • Prepare a mask by mixing a slice of pumpkin with egg yulk and milk. Let this mask set on your face for 30 minutes for a glowing skin
  • If possible get a facial done once a month.
  • Cleanse tone and moisturize your skin once in the morning and in the night.
  • Have a sound and relaxed sleep.
  • Avoid make-up, unless you are in a boy/punk band.
  • Wear a lip balm, try and get one with an SPF of at least 10. It keeps them from chapping.
  • Keep your hair clean
  • Use an effective cleanser, toner and face wash.
  • Make sure you are drying your skin and face with a towel that is washed at least once a week.
  • If you shave, do it carefully. Take your time.
  • Don't smoke, and avoid excessive amounts of alcohol.
  • There are basically four skin types (for your face) - normal, dry, oily and combination. Normal skin is neither dry or oily, and you shouldn't have much acne, if any. Dry skin is usually flaky and feels rough or dehydrated. Oily skin is prone to acne and your face will look shiny. With combination skin, your cheeks are dry, and your chin, forehead and nose (or your 't-zone' - in the shape of a T) are oily. You might be prone to acne. So, sort out your skin type, and then buy a cleanser and moisturizer suited to your skin, these can be bought from the chemist, Priceline etc. Ask an assistant for help. You can buy facial moisturizers with sunscreen in them, this is recommended, anything with an SPF (sun protection factor) of between 15 and 30. Anything above 30 can make your skin more oily.

Tips & Guides

For Hair Care

    Wedding is an event that requires months long planning. While we execute our plans for all the big things, it is natural to miss on few basic requirements. Our tedious and stressful schedules leave no time for the self care during the pre wedding days. There is so much excitement about shopping all the big stuff that we normally end up compromising on our diet, sleep and basic care of hair and skin.
    Here are certain tips, which you can follow during the pre wedding days to give your hair a healthy look:

  • Identify Your Hair Type: First and foremost be sure to know your hair type – oily, dry or normal. The basic care begins right here.
  • Select The Right Shampoo: You should use shampoos, which are made of a mild cleansing base and are gentle in action. They should not contain hard chemicals. Wash your hair at least two to three times a week. While you shampoo your hair, make sure that your hands move across your scalp gently rubbing to remove the dirt and excess sebum. Rubbing the hair too hard makes them fragile. Allow your shampoo to remain on the hair for about a minute or so after lathering and then rinsed off.
  • Hair Conditioner: Use a good herbal conditioner after shampooing your hair. It gives your hair a smooth and a shiny look thus making them more manageable.
  • Combing Your Hair: Comb your hair regularly to keep them in shape and avoid entangling. Use a wide toothed comb to remove tangles and do it gently and softly. Do not comb your hair soon after washing when they are wet.
  • Hair Oiling: Oil is a natural conditioner and provides nourishment to your hair. Oil your hair regularly. Do an overnight oil application at least once a week. If possible take a hot oil massage once in a month at least 3 months prior to your wedding. Try taking a hair spa a week before your wedding. This rejuvenates your hair giving it a healthier glossy effect.
  • Avoid using blow-dryers or straightening irons: Dryers and straighter have a damaging effect on your hair. Avoid straightening and curling your hair too often as it makes you hair locks very weak.
  • Natural Care -
    • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep hydrated.
    • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to improve the overall health of your hair.
    • Avoid foods that contain too much oil, as these may make your hair oily.
    • Take lots of calcium in your daily food.
    • Drink coconut water at least twice a week. It is good for your skin, digestive system and gives a magical effect to your hair.
    • Take a sound sleep of 7 hrs daily.
  • Hair Styling –
    • It is important that your hair style matches your wedding theme and your dress code but not to an extent that you start experimenting closer to your wedding day.
    • If you wish to try new styles – perm, curls, straight, short length or long, do this at least 4 months prior to your wedding so that you have sufficient time to work with your new looks.
    • A new style with a new stylist – doing this together can be a big risk. If you are sure to change your hair stylist, do this in the pre planning phase of your wedding. Discuss the hair styles you like with him /her and ask if he / she is comfortable to do them. It is not necessary that you choose a unique style, instead a simple style done up uniquely makes you look more graceful.
  • People might feel that hair care is limited to ladies alone. It is essential that we get rid of this myth as with passing time the grooms have also started paying a lot more attention to their looks. Going to a saloon and getting appointments with a hair stylist is something that the present-day groom indulges in, before the wedding.
    Coming to the hair, there are a lot of steps that a groom can undertake himself, to make sure that his hair look healthy and well-maintained on the wedding day.
  • One of the basic hair care tips that you need to follow is to classify your hair into any of the three categories - oil, dry or normal. The hair care as well as hair styling products that you can use will depend upon the type of hair you have.
  • While normal hair does not require too much managing on your part, the opposite is true in case of dry as well as oily hair. In the latter case, you might have to use special products or get proper treatments. This will ensure that your hair looks just perfect on the wedding day.
  • Always follow a proper cleansing routine in relation to your hair, which includes the use of shampoo as well as conditioner. First of all, wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo, taking care to rinse off all the lather. Thereafter, apply conditioner, leave in for a few minutes and rinse off.
  • Never ever rub your hair with towel, after washing it. Apart from damaging the cuticles, this might lead to split ends and also make your hair frizzy. It is always advisable to pat the hair dry, using a towel, while stroking the hair in the direction it grows.
  • While a hot shower helps relax your body, the same does not hold true in case of your hair. Rather, hot water strips your hair as well as scalp of the natural oils and makes it dry. So, it is always advisable to use lukewarm water for washing your hair.
  • Stay away from chemical treatments, as far as possible. Though they make your hair look really nice and attractive, there is always the possibility of damage in the long run. In fact, more often that not, chemical products end up altering the texture of your hair.
  • After washing your hair, stay away from a comb or brush, as long as it is dripping wet. Rather, use your fingers to remove the tangles. This is because wet hair is very brittle and susceptible to breakage. Even when it becomes damp, it is better to use a wide-toothed comb, not a brush.
  • After washing your hair, stay away from a comb or brush, as long as it is dripping wet. Rather, use your fingers to remove the tangles. This is because wet hair is very brittle and susceptible to breakage. Even when it becomes damp, it is better to use a wide-toothed comb, not a brush.
  • Taking care of your health will go a long way in having well-maintained hair. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day, have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, get 7-8 hours of sleep in a day and try to stay away from stress as much as possible.
  • Avoid wearing tight hats or caps. Regular use of the same might result in "traction alopecia", a condition in which hair is pulled out of the scalp. In case you like wearing long hair, make sure not to tie in a tight ponytail, as the latter causes great damage to hair cuticles.
  • Keep the usage of hair styling products, like hair sprays, mousse and gels, to a minimum. At the same time, avoid using blow-dryers or straightening irons on your hair. All of them make your hair look good temporarily, but cause undue damage in the long run.
  • Get your hair trimmed on a regular basis, as it helps remove the damaged parts and avoid the occurrence of split ends. In case you want to grow your hair long, go for a trim at least once in six weeks and let your stylish know that you only want to get the damaged section cut off.

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